Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Do you watch?

My favorite reality show:

My favorite contestant?:

This mom can cook and anyone who can keep it together with children under the age of 4 is a rock star in my book. Go Melissa Go!

Do you all watch The Next Food Network Star? Do you pause the DVR when the challenge is revealed and consider what you would cook for each challenge? Are you an armchair chef?

I answer a big 'ole "yes" to each of those questions...


emstitt said...

We used to be big fans, but then it seemed more about their skills on camera than cooking skills. We are now big fans of Top Chef! Pack your knives!

Deep in the Heart said...

Same with emstitt. But no Top Chef right now, so Brian's watching Next Food Network Star and I join in sometimes. I'm rooting for Melissa, too.

amycaseycooks said...

She is my favorite contestant, bt she does get a little jiggy sometimes. but who wouldn't? I predict she will win.