Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Just Bag It

I am not sure how it happened, but somewhere along the line I seemed to have amassed a reusable grocery bag collection. What began as several Giant bags that a family member bought for me now includes ones from some of my favorite stores. Heck, when we were in Houston I even picked one up as a momento. Sad, isn't it? When your souvenir from a trip is a grocery bag.

Well, G has become quite fond of playing with my collection. Like clock work he finds a use for each one when I am unloading the weekly groceries. This week he decided to wear them:

I know, I know, it is a probably not a good idea to pause to take a picture when your two year old has loads of things wrapped around his neck...

As much as I love my collection, some are getting a bit mangy, which is why I was excited to see my favorite West Coast food blogger Rookie Cookie doing a bag giveaway this week. Go there and check it out!



Erin said...

We have like millions, all from Publix.

emstitt said...

That is hilarious about having one as a souvenir. Love it!! Better than a trinket you'll have to dust!

I have a ton as well. I think I have maybe 15 or so by now. I always have some still in the house, and some already in the car. An interesting question would be...do you have a favorite? I love the Whole Foods one that I have...it feels stronger than the blue Giant, Giant Eagle, etc. ones that are really common, and a little taller.

A woman at Target knows me b/c I always bring my bags with me and always says, "Thank you for saving the Earth!"

Slacker Mama said...

We have a bunch from the Teets and are slowly building up our Wegmans collection. For some reason, I feel guilty for using competitor bags at other stores!

But my favorite one is my Pier One that has a really cute a damask print.

Sweet Pea Chef said...

Slacker, I am glad I am not the only one who feels a bit guilty about using a competing store's bag at another store. I thought this was my own little neurosis.