Friday, June 19, 2009

Sweet Pea Harvest

I had been told that sweet peas don't like the heat, that they are more of a spring and autumn vegetable than summer. The last few days our plants have been looking pretty forlorn, so while G napped this afternoon, R and I picked the remaining pods:

and then spent some time on our back porch shucking the peas:

There is something about the slow pace of shucking peas that just screamed "lazy summer day" to me. What a treat to have R excited and willing to sit and shuck and talk while we enjoyed the breeze from our porch fan.

Tonight we are doing grilled pizzas with fresh mozzarella and roasted peppers for our dinner. I think I may give this recipe from a try as well...

(Photo from

We are also going to try and save some of the peas to plant in the fall. The sweet pea seeds we planted in early March looked just like dried peas, so I figure it might work. We'll keep you posted...

Have a sweet weekend--

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Laura said...

I loved those days sitting with my mom on the porch shucking peas! I have the best memories of peas, snapping green beans and shucking corn!