Thursday, January 15, 2009

The baking police...

My thoughtful, wonderful mom came across and shared with me this cookbook from when she was a little girl. I will share the contents with you, as they are priceless. But first I have to share what R's reaction was to seeing this cookbook.

Background: I am cooking frantically to get dinner on the table. R is looking at this cookbook on the kitchen floor when I hear an emphatic, "UH-OH!" I immediately start wondering what G has gotten into now, since this is the most logical explanation for R's exclamation. I turn around to see nothing spilled or broken so I ask,

SPC: "R, why did you say 'UH-OH'?"

R: "Mommy, don't you see what is happening here?" (pointing to the cover of the cookbook above)

(pause for you to look at the cover)

SPC: "Umm, no."

R: "Mommy, that boy is eating raw eggs in that dough!!!"

SPC: (amazed and realizing R's incredible observation skills) "Yep...I hope he doesn't get a belly ache."

R: "Didn't his mommy tell him that he can't eat raw eggs?"

At this point I decided against a historical explanation about our agricultural system and the rise of salmonella in mass produced eggs. Instead I just said, "guess not!"

Life is sweet,


Erin said...

These are my favorite moments- when they surprise you with how much they know!

Laura said...

This is too funny! I never lick my fingers from the batter because I can hear my mother in my head screaming about raw eggs. Good for you too, for refraining from the lecture... I have no self control as of yet, let's hope it develops soon!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Totally mad observation skills!

The Mrs. said...

Confession! I still eat raw dough!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe they hadn't put the eggs in yet... I still eat the raw dough also because if it didn't kill me as a kid it won't kill me today... but I don't let the girls eat the dough.

Slacker Mama said...

I don't let the girls eat raw dough using the old saftey excuse...and then proceed to suck it down when they aren't looking.

Who wants to nominate me for mom of the year?

Slacker Mama said...

Hey...speaking of cooking with kids...if I wanted to make your Slacker Chocolate Chip cookies...can I sub any of the flour for whole wheat. You make myself feel somewhat better about them?

Sweet Pea Chef said...

SM--I would say yes, you could. I would sub 1/3 of the flour with WW, and keep 2/3 white. Let me know how it works!