Friday, September 12, 2008

UFI Commercial Alert

A couple of you have emailed me/posted about the new pro-high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) commercials produced by the Corn Refiners Association (ie, producers of HFCS). If you want to check out the commercial:

And then to hear the other side of the story (thanks Whitney!):

Blogher Post

I think between growing public concern and the rising cost of corn, HFCS producers are trying to market something to Joe Consumer that, while made from natural (corn) materials, last time I checked, is found *no where* in nature. Let me know if you have seen HFCS-cane growing in the Caribbean or bee hives producing HFCS, but otherwise, I will stick with my sugar and honey.

I have yet to actually see these commercials. If I had seen it, I am afraid my blood pressure would have risen...deep breaths...I get so annoyed when less-than-healthy/natural food is marketed to us as such. Americans have enough food issues already without HFCS being promoted in commercials.

It makes me want to donate money to the broccoli association or mango farmers so they could more aggressively market *real* food.

Just my two cents,

PS--I know this commercial is being shown in Houston...anywhere else?


Slacker Mama said...

They're playing 'round these parts. I saw the moms on a playdate one first. Immediately made me think of you!

I lumped it in with the paper plate commercial I abhor.

While I am concerned that people will think "Oh! Maybe it isn't so bad..." I think the uplifting message is that the Corn Refiners Assn feels the need to market their product. That means that there is a big enough backlash against it to prompt them to do so.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen them on TV (but we don't usually watch commercials (fast forward through them). But you can view them on their website (

Laura said...

Time Warner Cable is apparently in love with this commercial since they show it ALL the time! And it makes me SO mad!!! Good news though: I've talked to a few people about the ad and they all agree that HFCS is no good and that the ad won't make them run out and buy thing that have it in their ingredient list. Nonetheless, I am still horrified at this ad... and change the channel when it comes on.

cathy said...

The ads - very scary - especially since they'll probably work! The BlogHer post is a really good one.

Shannon said...

I have seen the commercial with the moms at the party and they are talking about it regarding a koolaid type drink. It was very interesting when I did see it. I kind of had to do a double take. Since then I have seen it several times. I think it has been TLC but I am not sure.


whitneyingram said...

Those commercials play in Southern California.

Sue said...

I saw it the other night and laughed hoping it was a joke luck. I have faith though that most mom's are intelligent enough to know better