Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ike Remnants + Cold Front = A Big Mess

I was still nursing my wounded sports ego after the trouncing of the Buckeyes late Saturday when things got pretty windy here on Sunday.

Basically the remnants of Ike were passing to our west and unexpectedly hit a massive cold front from the east and created 70+ mph winds for hours on end. Basically, we had a Category 1 hurricane in Ohio. The strangest thing was that it was completely unpredicted...we were literally about to walk out the door to take the boys to the pool.

We were very, very fortunate. Check out some of the pictures from our neighborhood:

Monday morning the boys and I hopped in the bike/chariot to tour around the neighborhood. Trees uprooted, cars pinned under trees, and more branches than I could count. I know, I know, it isn't as bad here as it was in Texas, but again, this was totally unexpected and out of the blue.

More than 2 million people in Ohio lost their power...we were amazed that we never lost power...just our phone, cable and internet. Many of my friends and neighbors still do not have power.

I figure some good old fashioned comfort food is in order this week. Our menu:

Roasted Chicken, Green Beans with Almonds and Lightened Cauliflower Au Gratin (recipe tomorrow--it rocked!!)
Barbecue Chicken Pizza with a side of Broccoli
Pasta Carbonara
Turkey Burgers (California style--with avocado, red onion and yellow tomatoes), Oven Fries and "Fried" Okra
"Make it Better" Frijoles Refritos (recipe coming soon) and Rice with Tomatillo Sauce

Sweet Eats,


Deep in the Heart said...

so glad to see you back on line. I'm hoping to call today if my phones are behaving.

We've been doing the comfort food thing for a while too - plus using up all food in the freezer. Also justifying our need for a little something sweet in our lives. Consequently I've been eating a whole lot of bleached flour and potatoes.

The book I'm reading is about the return to New Orleans post-katrina (it's actually funny and uplifting) and she mentions the Katrina-15. She and many others gained significant weight after the storm due to all their stress-eating. I think I'm on my way.

But we hit the grocery store yesterday - not too painful - and stocked up on lean protein and veggies and now I'm off for a run on the mostly cleared sidewalks. Maybe I'll turn this around.

Laura said...

Since I am further North of you, we didn't see as much damage on my street... others weren't quite so lucky. People around here still have another 2 days or so until the power is back up for them. Ugh. Again, not quite Texas, but I sure was surprised to see my poor garden. And we are also eating plenty of comfort foods this week! What a nice transition into the days that are coming when we cannot get out of the driveway...

Live.Love.Eat said...

Wow, I had no idea you guys would be affected up there. I guess I haven't been watching close enough. Glad to hear all is OK in your area though. I feel sorry for the people whose situation is not OK. Menu looks great!

JerseyBaby said...

Wow, those photos are intense!

Slacker Mama said...

Wow! I can't believe those pictures!

I remember reading a food section article where the author always roasted two chickens at a time -- one to be served as roast chicken, the other to be used in other recipes that called for cooked chicken (e.g., chicken enchiladas, etc). I always mean to do this, but forget to pick up two chickens at the store!

Steel Magnolia said...

J and family, I am so GLAD that you are all OK!!! Those pictures are amazing....I can't believe those trees...

Mama in Training said...

So glad you 4 were okay. The calm after the storm is always so peaceful, though, which is just wild! Now, can't wait to see that Frijoles recipe. Schmack!(That's the sound of a big kiss on the cheek!)