Monday, February 25, 2008

"Get well, get well soon, we want you to get well..."

Do you remember the episode of "Seinfeld," where Elaine's office celebrates every event with a cake, even someone who is sick? Instead of singing, "Happy Birthday," they sing the little ditty in the title line for today's post.Phew, it has been a long 3-4 days for this sweet pea chef, er, nurse. My husband started not feeling well Wednesday and by Friday he was so miserable he let me take him to Urgent Care. He *never* goes to the doctor when he is sick and he is not the typical "woe-is-me-when-I-am-not-feeling-well" male. Usually, he takes some Advil and toughs it out. Come to find out, he has the flu.

Then Saturday morning R was unusually lethargic until Sunday afternoon when, concerned about his fever and extreme sleepiness, I called our pediatrician at home. Of course, once I called her, R started acting a bit more normal but he still wasn't himself this morning so I took him to see the pediatrician and he has the flu. All this despite getting the flu shot...what can you do?

All of this makes me realize A. how thankful I am to have a usually healthy husband and family, B. how gracious God is in giving us the strength to get through things if we lift our thoughts out of our circumstances and to His power, C. how wonderful it is that my husband will get better and this is not a permanent situation and D. how much I need some downtime myself.

This is when I would usually post my meals for the week, but seeing as though the only thing my husband has been eating since last week is toast, eggs, and a few other odds and ends, I am not cooking. I would love to hear about the lovely non-infirmary type food you all are eating this week.

Now if I can just stay healthy...


Deep in the Heart said...

Brian's parents have come down with as well and are planning on canceling their trip. Hope your big R and little R feel better soon.

Sweet Pea Chef said...

Ugh, it sounds rampant right now. I am just *praying* I don't get it. This is day 7 for big R and he is still miserable. Little R is bouncing back nicely.

Slacker Mama said...

So far, we've done Willard's (local BBQ take-out) and IHOP (school fundraiser night). I think tonight is pasta and tomorrow night grilled chicken. No gourmet cuisine here this week, either!