Monday, April 1, 2013

Doing a Gluten-Free Trial as a Family

This is not an April Fools' Joke...

After lots of thought, research, discussion and prayer, our family has decided to try a Gluten-Free trial in our home.  It's been quite the journey, full of lots of revelations, indecision and tons of reading.  

We did not embark on this journey because Gluten-Free is all the rage.  Quite the contrary.  This is not an experiment based on reading any one book, listening to a celebrity gush about Gluten-Free or because we just casually decided to do it.

But regardless we're...

Going Gluten-Free as a Family.

For 8 Weeks.

No Gluten.  Period.

In other words, GF.

As SPH and I made the decision, the biggest question to me was "how are we going to tell the boys?"  I mean, they love pizza, pasta, cookies, bread, cake...I could go on.

So over the last few months I've been experimenting (alert readers may have noticed!)...with GF recipes, GF take-out pizza (hello, did you know that Mama Mimi's, Domino's and Donatos all have GF pizzas?) and other ways to eliminate gluten, but maintain healthy whole grains as a part of our diet.

I've perused the GF aisle at Market District, asked for GF recommendations from my friends who have Celiac Disease, and been working on a homemade GF flour mix.

This has not been a hasty decision to try Gluten-Free.

So recently I sat the boys down and explained our reasons for going Gluten-Free and why we thought this was a good thing for our family.

I tried to talk straight about the challenges:  no school lunches, no school treats (but told them I would make some if a birthday was that week), no school snacks unless they were Gluten-Free (but promised to stock their teacher's shelves with some Gluten-Free Snacks), and remembering they will have to ask if they aren't sure if they can eat something.

Then I handed them a few things to read.  First, a brainstormed list of all of their favorite foods that are naturally Gluten-Free foods (and there are tons more!), along with a list of their favorite Gluten-Free foods at Trader Joe's (you can print your own list here).

Next, two cookbooks from my sweet mother.  I told R and G they could flip through the pages and pick any two recipes for this week.  We'll be trying Gluten-Free Italian Garlic Breadsticks and Gluten-Free Sugar Cookies.

At the end of the conversation R looked at me and said, "that's fine, I don't really mind not buying lunch at school" (my biggest concern) and G said, "sounds great, why don't we start today!"

Shock.  Awe.  Thanks-giving.

I am thankful they are supportive of this experiment and I hope their attitudes continue.

In the meantime, I'll be sharing what we learn as we journey down this road.

Life is sweet,


Vicki said...

How exciting! Challenging at first, but much easier than you might think. Can't wait to chat with you about it. Hugs!

Sweet Pea Chef said...

Vicki, I know you offered to chat...and then I never followed-up. Sorry. I just wasn't ready to make the plunge, but now we have. Maybe we could connect next week when the boys are back in school for a coffee some afternoon? Maybe W or F?

Vicki said...

Yes, let's plan for Wednesday. Name the time and place and I'll be there. Hugs!