Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Arsenic and Rice

There has been a lot of news stories about a recent Consumer Reports study that showed higher-than-expected levels of arsenic in rice.  This is how I felt when I heard about the study:

“I give up.”

Knowing many who are trying to limit their gluten, and also thinking that when I purchase organic anything (rice included) that I am doing the absolute best to try protect my family’s health, hearing about arsenic in rice was at best, disheartening.

True, arsenic is present in dirt and water, but it is also a component of fertilizer too.  But if arsenic were just a result of fertilizer, then you wouldn’t expect organic rice to contain arsenic (it does).

Until there are more studies on arsenic in rice, here’s a couple tips:  rinse your rice before cooking, as this can reduce arsenic; buy Basmati Rice, which appears to have generally lower arsenic levels; and use quinoa as a rice replacement if you’re gluten-free and orzo pasta if you are not.

I have copied a table form below that shows the levels of arsenic in certain brands and types of rice.  After all, information is power. 

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Deep in the Heart said...

I heard a local dj say his chinese restaurant is offering 3 kinds of rice: white, brown, and arsenic free. Ha ha. Gotta laugh or you'll cry.

Deep in the Heart said...

PS eating your sloppy joes tonight. Thanks good friend!

Sweet Pea Chef said...

Love the DJ comment J. :) Agreed, better laughing than crying.

On that note, can't wait to see October's calendar pic.

Miss you.