Monday, July 11, 2011


I realized today that by week's end, we will be more than half-way through R's summer break. When we returned home last week from a trip to the beach, our mail they had held while we were gone included a PBK "Back to School" catalog. And if you haven't noticed, the advertisements and stores are ready with their "1 cent folders" and "two glue sticks for $.20" type pricing.

Whoa, this summer is going quick!

We've had a busy summer, and the idea that it is already half through blows my mind. Time to hit the pool and all our favorite summer hang-outs with gusto, since the second half of the summer always goes more quickly than the first.

In other words, time for some more quick summer meal ideas! Our meals for the week are easy, make-ahead type of dishes:

Mama Mimi's Pizza, Cut Up Veggies, Cherries
Bacon Ranch Pasta, Watermelon
Curried Chicken Salad in Pita, Chana Masala (from Trader Joe's), Naan and Mango
Rice and Bean Salad (side note--one of my favorite summer salads!), Tostadas
Birthday Dinner

Yes, my birthday is this week, so whatever the birthday dinner ends up being, I know it will be one thing: not cooked by me. :)

Need a specific meal inspiration for the week?

This is a SPH favorite dinner:

Greek Orzo Pasta paired with a panini:

Another summer time menu idea!

Peas and love,

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Meagan said...

That Greek Orzo Pasta looks amazing!