Monday, October 18, 2010


We're back from a wonderful visit back to R's birth state and our home for 10 plus years, Virginia. Granted, we were in Charlottesville, not our former DC suburb home town, but it was wonderful nonetheless. We saw family, friends (including Deep in the Heart of Texas and Slacker Mama!) and lots and lots of SPH's classmates from his alma mater, University of Virginia.

Central Virginia in the autumn is beautiful, and we had lots of great views from where we stayed.

We toured campus, took in a tailgate and football game, went hiking and just caught up with lots of folks dear to us. It was a great weekend and we just got back this evening.

(Meg, I took this picture of the walls for you!)

So as I take a break from unpacking, preparing laundry, compiling a grocery list and the such, I thought I would check in with a few photos and let you know I will be sharing a new favorite fall recipe as soon as I recover from re-entry.

Have a sweet night,


Slacker Mama said...

It was great seeing you, too! Hopefully it will not be years and years before we see each other again!

Whole-hearted Mama said...

Oh man! Wish I could see BOTH of you!!!

Sweet Pea Chef said...

Oh Whole Hearted, we want to see you too. We even toyed with a Charleston trip next year.

Deep in the Heart said...

I echo everything everyone said. I've been thinking about you all this crazy week.