Monday, July 12, 2010

KIDStrong Giveaway!

It's another morning to myself, which is the perfect time to post a new giveaway! But first, a little background:

It has been hot. Darn hot. So hot you start sweating the second you walk outside and merely sit down. Despite the fact that as I type it is rainy and cooler, later this week, it will be HOT again. Did I mention it's been hot?

With all this heat, R has begun requesting sports' drinks whenever he plays T-ball or soccer, which is what "all the cool athletes drink." I think he looks pretty cool himself--

While I certainly want to keep R hydrated while he plays, I just didn't love the fact that downing a sports' drink also means downing artificial coloring and other gunk that just don't do his body well.

I was so excited to learn about KIDStrong, a natural hydration drink and even more excited when R tried it and loved it even more than traditional drinks. It tastes great, appeals to kids and unlike other mainstream drinks, is 100% cool is that?

I love it so much I want to share the love with you. I am giving away 2 cases of KIDStrong to one lucky winner...a case each of orange and grape flavor.

To enter, leave me a comment with what sort of recipe you want to see in the near future on Sweet Peas and Pumpkins. You have until Thursday, July 15th at 8 PM EST to enter. I'll pick a random winner and post their name on Thursday evening.

In the meantime, stay cool-


Nicole Orr said...

I'm always up for entering a contest. As far as recipes -- I would love ideas/recipes for what to do (beyond the obvious) with summer squash and an abundance of cucumbers!

Anonymous said...

Oh - these sound perfect for my Fall Soccer kids!!! I would LOVE to see some recipes that don't require cooking! I know that is odd, but I actually hate to cook and would love some suggestions of healthy dishes that don't require any cooking at all! A challenge for you!!!

Jenny Terry

Anonymous said...

I'll enter! My kids love gatorade too, I'd love to try a non-neon option with them.
I'm with Nicole - something for these cucumbers and zucchini! :)

Slacker Mama said...

That stuff looks great! My girls love Gatorade...but I'm not such a fan of giving it to them.

As for recipes...that's a toughie since I think you've already covered every request I've asked for so far! Maybe a way to liven up our usual supsects for side veggies -- green beans, brocoli, and carrots? Though not all together, of course.

whitneyingram said...

Good idea. It has been blazing hot here too. But not the humid kind. The dry, hit-you-in-the-face kind. It's like a hot blow dryer every time I walk out the door.

A recipe I want you to put together? I did a waffle mix, now you do a pancake mix.

Amer21 said...

Oh pick me!!! Those drinks sound great. I'd love to try them. As for a recipe, maybe something with chicken nuggets and noodles. A staple in our house. I usually serve them separate but maybe something mixed together, with some veggies thrown in, it's the sauce that might be tricky other than butter :)

Fun for Mommy said...

what a good idea! kidstrong looks like a great product. i love your blog and check it all the time. i've been told your pizza dough is killer. i haven't looked at every single recipe on here yet, but maybe something to do with summer vegetables? keep it up!

emstitt said...

Never knew that existed! How great!!

Susan C. said...

I would love to have a few recipes using Quinoa. I'm just now starting to use it and am on the hunt for some good recipes that use it. Thanks for doing this giveaway. My daughter just started drinking Gatorade on occassion and I would love a healthier alternative....

julia said...

Oh this looks great for summer!
I would love to see recipes that freeze well--I've got a handful of casseroles that I make but I'd love to have the freezer filled with more exciting stuff before baby #2 arrives.
Love your site by the way!!