Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Unexpected Discovery

This is a story of a mom, her boys and an expected discovery in our backyard.

Recently our yard started sprouting these different looking weeds, not like anything I had seen (and I have seen plenty!):

It was peculiar to me that this new weed was just growing in an area in our backyard, near our tree. I started pulling out the weeds, and after a few pulls, up came:

Can you guess what sort of "weeds" we have growing in our backyard? I'll give you a hint...a couple of weeks before these pictures were taken, we found some old squirrel feeders in a closet at church. No one wanted them, so we hung out these to feed our squirrels:

Our little Jumpy Squirrel (yes, they are all the same squirrel, named affectionately "Jumpy" after Curious George's squirrel friend) ate some of his squirrel treats, but then, in typical squirrel fashion, buried some for the long Ohio winter.

A fun discovery for R, G and I and also a good lesson in how corn grows. By the way, although I know it is ridiculously late in the season, we kept three corn stalks that began to grow near our herb garden. Maybe we will have some corn before the frost?



whitneyingram said...

That is so cool! Maybe I should start feeding our squirrels. But they bug so bad and torture the dog.

Deep in the Heart said...

Is it sad or just nerdy that I knew it was corn from the first picture? Actually my grandparents house was once surrounded by corn fields and as the subdivisions sprout up, you'll find similar "weeds" around their sidewalks.

Sweet Pea Chef said...

Rookie--I have a love/hate relationship with our squirrels...what lead me to try and feed them was my desire to keep them away from our bird feeders, which is a constant struggle in which the squirrels seem to be winning.

Deep--I think it is cool!

Deep in the Heart said...

Forgot to mention that I'm getting ready for Houston's second planting season. Yep, our crazy weather means we're planting tomatoes, beans, and broccoli again. PLENTY of time before the first frost.

Live.Love.Eat said...

Oh that is hysterical. What an awesome and fun discovery!!!!!