Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Recap

Our weekend (well, Thursday, really) started with this:
And the weekend ended with this:

I am beat. We had my parents stay with us for a three-day fix-up-and-clean-the-house-athon and then 17 folks joined us for Easter dinner at our home.


Hope your holiday was Hoppy (ugh, I just couldn't resist). Mine? It was beautiful, joyful and full, full, full of chocolate (hooray, I did it!)

I collapsed into bed at 9 last night and haven't even thought of the meals for our week. Tonight we'll be doing homemade pizza with Shannon and her kiddos. I may try and live out of our freezer and pantry for the week, just to see if it would be possible.

So inspire me...what are your favorite go-to pantry meals?
Beyond mac and cheese, please...



whitneyingram said...

Spaghetti. I always have pasta, seasonings and tomato sauce. And I always have onions and they go in the sauce.

Slacker Mama said...

Black Beans and Rice. Joy of Cooking's recipe is super easy and super delish.

Also...we make "homemade spaghetti O's". We simmer elbow macaroni (about 6-8 oz) in a box of creamy tomato soup (Imagine brand) with about a 1/2 c of water. Serve with either steamed baby carrots or peas. Delish.

Shannon said...

Thanks for the pizza and I forgot to ask you how the dinner went. Sorry about all the chaos and I hope it was not too stressful to have us over. We could have come to our house.

I love R's chef's apron. Too cute.


Tabitha Blue said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time!!! Sounds like a lot of work, but a great time in the end!


Live.Love.Eat said...

What's all the dirt for????

Happy Belated Easter. Pantry meal? Hmmmm, don't really have one. Weird right!?