Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cracker Crack

Is it me or has it suddenly become hip to create homemade Christmas gifts year?

A few years ago if you said you were making your gifts it would conjure up one of two images:

A. A Martha Stewart type that can create homemade baked goods, packages in a homemade box created from some wood pulp harvested from an organic pine tree that you grew from seed –OR--

B. A preschool style gift, such as a jewelry box with glued uncooked pasta on top and spray painted gold.

But this year, well, even Oprah is getting in the spirit of homemade gift giving. It is *the* thing to do, so get ready for some posts featuring my favorite gifts from the kitchen. I found a recipe for homemade caramel corn on one of my favorite blogs, Rookie Cookie.

This recipe is Whitney of Rookie Cookie’s recipe, just altered a bit to add nuts and more popcorn. You make it all in the microwave and clean up is easy peasy because you do the mixing in a clean brown paper bag.

I actually have decided to stop making this for a bit because I was eating just as much as I was able to give away for gifts. It is quite possibly the most addictive thing I have ever created in my kitchen. You know Cracker Jack? I nicknamed this concoction Cracker Crack.

Sweeten someone’s holiday with this amazing treat.

Rookie Cookie’s Caramel Corn

10 cups of popped popcorn*

1 cup of dry roasted peanuts

4 tablespoons butter, melted

1 cup of brown sugar

¼ cup of corn syrup

1 teaspoon vanilla

½ teaspoon salt

½ teaspoon baking soda

Mix popcorn and peanuts in a clean brown paper grocery bag. In a large (4 cups is a good size) glass pyrex measuring cup, melt the butter in the microwave. Once melted, add the brown sugar, corn syrup, vanilla and salt. Microwave on high for 1 minute. Stir well. Microwave for 2 minutes and then add the baking soda (mixture will be foamy).

Stir well and then pour over the popcorn and peanuts. Mix well and close the bag, shaking to ensure complete mixing. Microwave the bag on high for 1 minute and pour out onto some wax paper to cool.

(I cannot for the life of me find my "finished product" picture...check out the one on Rookie Cookie instead)

Break into chunks and try, try, try not to eat it.


*Need an easy, all natural way to make popcorn? Try this homemade microwave popcorn trick.


Short Stop said...

I AM IN SERIOUS TROUBLE with this recipe. Holy cow. I would be shoveling that stuff in by the scoopful.

Thanks for sharing it!

Deep in the Heart said...

My mom has a very similar recipe, but without the peanuts. I'm definitely adding those next time I make it.

whitneyingram said...

Cracker Crack? You are a freaking genius. Love that. Can't wait to tell everyone I know how funny you are.

BTW, I am going to be awarding you a blogging award next week. Keep an eye out for it. I think I will just always pass along my awards to you.

Live.Love.Eat said...

So true about the homemade gifts this year. I thought it was just me wanting to do it, but it is everywhere! I LOVE this popcorn idea!!!!