Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Year, New Fruits

My cousin C, who loves all sorts of food and does a great job exposing her three little ones to healthful eating shared an idea with me.

When she was young, her dad would take her and her two brothers to the grocery store each week to do the shopping. During their visit, they would go to the produce section and try a new kind of fruit. It was a mini-produce adventure and C has really neat memories of picking out each week's fruit.

Once home, they would gather around and eat it...things like star fruit, blood oranges, ugli fruit, tangelos, and more. Even kiwi, pineapple, and other fruit you can readily find can be an adventure for a child, if they have never had it, or if in the case of pineapple, perhaps never seen how it goes from whole fruit to tiny yellow tidbits.

I tried this with my two Sweet Peas this week with blood oranges. R was amazed at the color of the inside, and G, well, he is still only 11 months old, but he seemed to like tasting it.

I may continue this tradition...seems like a great way to broaden little one's tasting horizons.

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its a great idea actually, will let my kiddies choose their own fruits this week, great intro to fruits :)