Thursday, January 10, 2008

Final Baby Food DIY

So you have been there, done that, with the first foods for babies. Here are some other “outside-the-box” foods for baby food making:

Bell Pepper

As your baby gets older, you can also puree fruits and vegetables and even meats. Baby Sweet Pea likes a ground meat-sweet potato-pea puree that I made recently.

Troubleshooting Guide:

My baby just doesn’t like the food I am making him/her. He/she only likes jarred food. What’s the deal?

If the food is something your baby likes already, then the issue is most likely food consistency. I have seen this with my own boys and lots of friend’s children as well. If your food looks like this instead of creamy, a young baby is not going to like it:

Try cooking the food longer, adding more liquid as you puree or even a bit of cereal and liquid. If you can get the consistency right, I guarantee your child will not be able to tell the difference between jarred and homemade food.

My baby is allergic/doesn’t like/won’t eat XYZ food. I have an enormous amount of said food in my freezer. Now what am I going to do with it?

Eat it! Use it for your family. Get a copy of the Sneaky Chef or Deceptively Delicious book and find ways to sneak a vegetable or fruit boost into your own food.

I do not have fun making my own baby food. It stresses me out!

Then by all means, go to your store and buy some baby food. It is not worth risking your emotional well-being to make your own food.

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The Potter Family said...

I am a first time mom to the sweetest 9 month old little man and love to look through your baby food recipes! I just made my first baby food for him yesterday...cantaloupe. I am excited to try some more things! I was wondering how you warm up the baby food after it is frozen. Is it ok to pop it in the microwave, or does that zap the nutrients?
Thank You!