Friday, October 26, 2007

Where's My Nurse?

Oh yeah, I'm the nurse. I have been playing Nurse Sweet Pea since yesterday morning when I took my small sweet pea to the doctor for a regular check-up and found out he had a double ear infection! Then, my older sweet pea comes home from school, whiny and begging for a nap. Huh. He wakes up out of sorts, so you guessed it, back to the pediatrician we go and yep, he has a double ear infection too! Only the second in his life...guess the boys are good at sharing some things.

ANYWAY, I did not cook tonight since I woke up feeling sick and have no energy. Plus its the weekend! So instead of the usual "Friday Night Bite" recipe, here is my suggestion for a fun, easy and healthy meal:The result? Everyone's excited, I don't have to really cook and I can feel good that I gave them at least a pretty decent meal while they are under the weather. Would have done another soup, but that was our lunch!


Deep in the Heart said...

Don't feel bad. I gave up the idea of cooking tonight and we did pizza.

Deep in the Heart said...

Found these at the store today. They look yummy!! Hope you're feeling better.