Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Homemade Suet Bird Feeder

In the cold, cold winter, there's just something about having a bird feeder out the window and seeing a Cardinal or Blue Jay eating.

A couple weeks ago, G and I made a homemade feeder.  I had a can of saved bacon grease lingering in the fridge, which we mixed with some bird seed and cranberries to create a cool feeder that the birds have long since devoured.

Full disclosure:  we had very cold weather when I put this outdoors.  If you want to keep the feeder from "melting" in warmer weather, mix peanut butter in place of about half of the bacon grease.

Homemade Suet Bird Feeder

2 cups bacon grease (or, bacon grease combined with peanut butter)
3-4 cups bird seed
cranberries (optional)
twine, pipe cleaner or other items for hanging
pie pan, or other "form" to pour the melted grease into

First gather your materials:

Melt the grease and add to the pan (if it isn't fully melted, just stir well):

Keep stirring:

Add 3-4 cups of bird seed:

(optional)  Add cranberries in a design:

Continue adding cranberries (I love when G makes this face, it's his "concentration" face):

Add the string or pipe cleaner before it hardens, pressing it in so it is well covered:

Let cool:

And hang!:

Life is sweet,

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