Friday, April 1, 2011

Superhero Mode

Whenever I put on my apron, I often feel as though I am shifting into Super Mom mode. Who is Super Mom? Super Mom can simultaneously make dinner, help with homework, put together Playmobil motorcycle pieces, referee sibling spats and think about what she needs to do the next day.

I am guessing you are a Super Mom (or Dad) too.

Being a mom is tough business, but I like to think that moms are just a wee bit tougher and yet full of love and compassion.

My apron puts me in "it's time to get things done" mode, and the fact that my own mom made it for me means each time I put it on, it is almost as if I am getting a long distance hug from mom.

This afternoon G made me a superhero shield out of foil. I was already wearing the apron since I just whipped up a dessert for dinner tonight at our friend's home. When G asked me to take a picture of me with the shield, I turned over the camera, and this is the picture he snapped:

A portrait of me, in full Super Mom mode, complete with a shield and all. I think this makes me an official superhero.



baba said...

You ARE a Super Mom. It is also obvious that G is much shorter than you!!

JerseyBaby said...

So sweet! My apron makes me feel that way too!