Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Books and Easy Meals

R and G must be getting excited about Christmas. They have been pulling all the pillows from our love seat and sofa, and some from the living room too, to pile onto our love seat, aka, "Santa's Sleigh." They use their imaginations to come up with all sorts of scenarios for Christmas Eve. I love it.

Here they are after one session of Santa's Sleigh, when they found some books nearby. I knew something was up when their play got realllllly quiet. Thankfully, they were captivated by some books, not mischief. I tried to snap a picture without either of them catching me, but G was on to me...

Perhaps the sweetest thing I have witnessed this Christmas season is R, reading a Christmas book to G, without being asked to do so.

This is the time of the year when I shift into low-key mode with my dinner preparations. This week I'll rely on my slow cooker and some easy meal preparation helps from Trader Joe's:

Chicken Taco Fiesta Soup
Italian Bean and Artichoke Soup
Eggplant Parmesan (using breaded eggplant from TJ's) and Spinach Salad
Thai Green Curry Tofu (again, pre-made curry sauce)

With all the holiday fun, I'd rather use my kitchen time for baking up holiday sweets!



The Mrs. said...

Oooooh k. I was wondering why all my cushions are always on the floor! Is this a boy thing!!?? LOL

Deep in the Heart said...

So sweet. I'm going for jarred green chili and Brian smoked a brisket this weekend that I'm using in several recipes. I'm with you. Save your energy for tree trimming and hot chocolate.