Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Let the Cooking (almost) Begin!

I spent four hours (yes, four!) grocery shopping today with G. I love to go to the grocery, and G blessed me by being a super trooper. It certainly helped that the three places we went had good samples and lots to keep us both entertained.

Our new local grocery store is the Market District and shopping there is not so much a place to get what you need off your list, as it is a foodie's dream shopping experience. We ate in the cafe before we shopped (it served as a great rest in the middle of our grocery marathon) and were able to choose from sushi, pizza, tandoor items, rosti, crepes and pho, just to name a few options. I've been to this store about a half dozen times since it opened last month and I feel like I am just scratching the surface.

Here's a picture of a recent trip to the Market District with R's Cub Scout Den:

And check out this uber-cool produce I found there:

If you live in Central Ohio, and love food, you need to make a pilgrimage to experience the Market District.

But with our grocery shopping complete, I'll begin our cooking for the big feast tomorrow. This year we're hosting SPH's family and my parents, and are excited about creating our first big Thanksgiving memory in our new home.

Our menu this year:

Cranberry Salsa Rounds
Pumpkin Butter and Grahams
Horseradish Cheese and Pumpernickel Sticks
Olive/Relish Tray
Vegetables and Dip

Main Event
Smoked Turkey
SPH's Homemade Gravy
Oyster Dressing
Cornbread Stuffing
Sweet Potato Casserole
Corn and Apricot Quinoa
Green Bean Casserole
Champagne and Sparkling Cider

Pumpkin Cheesecake
Apple Cranberry Pie
Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie

When I really stop and consider all the blessings in my life, I am so very, very thankful. Giving thanks this year may be easy or more challenging, depending on your current circumstances. No matter what you're experiencing, I pray you'll be able to soak in the goodness of life and truly feel blessed this Thanksgiving holiday...and beyond.

With my warmest Thanksgiving wishes, and a big "gobble, gobble,"


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Looking for your great pumpkin bread recipe and having trouble -- if I recall correctly, you did a bread series about a year ago, saving the best for last -- an awesome pumpkin bread recipe that made 2 loaves. Any chance you might be able to link me to it? I've searched and searched -- and it is SOOOOO good....thank you!!!

Cape Cod, MA

Sweet Pea Chef said...

Here is the link to the pumpkin bread recipe I posted on FamilyEducation.com:


Have a great Tday!

Anonymous said...

Perfect timing -- kids in bed and I'm ready to bake. Thanks a million!
Happy Turkey to the Sweet Pea house!
Best, Kathleen