Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Onward and Upward

We've moved and this is the kitchen I left behind:

And our basement:

Our new owners are being exceptionally understanding about this whole ordeal and have been a dream with which to work on allowing ServiceMaster, insurance adjusters, flooring representatives and contractors into their new home.

I still harbor some guilt and anguish, but onward and upward, right?

Our new kitchen is largely still in boxes, and is far from feeling quite "ours" yet, but it feels so nice. The new kitchen island will be perfect for cooking while the boys eat, snack or color and it is so open into the other living spaces.

I am enjoying getting to know this new kitchen and feeling out how to set it up. I'll be back with a recipe in the near future...



whitneyingram said...

Oooh baby. That is a bummer. Good thing the new owners are understanding. It would be much worse if they were being jerks.

I am happy that you get to have an island. I remember you writing a post a long time ago about the difficulty of feeding the boys when they just wanted to be in the kitchen with you. An island will be excellent.

Congratulations on your new big purchase and hopefully getting settled won't take long.

Mary Ann Dames - Reading, Writing, and Recipes said...

Anguish and guilt won't help anyone. But I understand because I'd probbly feel it too. Maybe if you think that the new owners might get something they like out of the repairs...a new floor, maybe, of their choosing.

Enjoy your new kitchen and new home.