Monday, February 8, 2010

There's a hole in my kitchen, dear Liza, dear Liza

We've been looking up for much of the weekend, and into this week, as we have had a good snow, and more is to come tomorrow. So how appropriate that our looking up continues in the kitchen.

Let me explain...

We live in an old house. Old houses are wonderful in many ways: lots of architectural character and fine wood working are just two of them. But old houses also creak, have leaks and at least in our house, offer a peak...

What began as a very small suspicious area of moisture on our kitchen ceiling, is now a full fledged hole, created by SPH as he investigated the area. The boys are amazed that now they can peak up the hole and see the bath tub in their bathroom. I am less-than-amazed, more in a state of wonderment, as in "I wonder how much this is going to cost to repair?" The plumber arrives tomorrow, so we shall see. In the meantime, G and R will be resigned to showering in our bathroom.

Speaking of sneak peaks, a very elite artist's reception was held this weekend in Columbus. I was able to snap a portrait of the artist as a young man:

R was chosen to display his "Kandinsky style line and color study" in our city's Municipal Building. If he starts wearing berets, I may be concerned; but for now, his monster truck shirt is his favorite.

Lastly, I know that lots of the readers of this blog are into local foods, organics and healthy options. I wanted to share an idea for Valentine's Day:

Go to Equal Exchange's website and you can pick up some organic chocolate or coffees. If you enter "chocolatelove" they will ship it to you for free.

Speaking of chocolate, I have a fun kid's dessert/snack I am sharing with R and G today after school. I'll snap some photos and share.

Have a sweet week-

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