Monday, September 14, 2009

"I had fun at school today Mommy!"

Phew. G loves school. Not that he didn't enjoy his "Mom's Morning Out" last year, but this year is more grown-up and yes, while it is still preschool, it feels like a big jump.

But he came out of class this AM with a huge smile on his face and uttered the words of this blog post's title. Then, as I was leaving, Miss Jill told me, "G gave me and Miss Jennie a big hug today!" Go G! Way to get in with the ladies...

With our new schedule in full swing, this has been my morning thus far:

Wake up
Get fed, dressed, cleaned, etc.
Drive G to school
Go to music class with R
Go home, eat lunch with R, make lunch for G so he can eat in the car
Drive R to school
Pick up G from school
Give G his lunch in car so he can eat and be ready for nap by the time we get home
Put G down for nap
Do a little blogging, etc.

And soon our day will continue:

Wake up G
Pick up R from school
Go to Jeni's to get ceremonial "First Day of School" ice cream
Go to the grocery
Come home, play
Make dinner
Eat dinner

And sometimes I think about having a third child? How on earth would that work? :)

Regardless, I am learning to love (even more) the idea of planning ahead. Without thinking ahead, I am sure I would be bald from pulling out all of my hair by week's end, since we haven't even thrown in MOPS, soccer practice, tumbling, and more...

So to plan ahead, here are our meals for the week:

Shrimp and Parmesan Grits*, Antipasto, Watermelon
Corn Chowder*, Spinach Salad, Pumpkin Bread
Taco Night
Grilled Chicken Sausages, Braised Red Cabbage, German Potato Salad

*Recipe in the virtual cookbook (yes, I used to direct link the recipes, but did you see how busy my day is today?)

And for all of you out there with 3+ kids, how in the world do you juggle it all?



Slacker Mama said...

I'm with you...I've been planning like a mad woman these last few weeks. With working full-time and both kiddos in (different) schools...there would be mutiny if I didn't!

As for a third neighbor has 3, and I remember the youngest napping in driveway. He would fall asleep going from one place to another, but his mom wouldn't move him b/c they'd be going somewhere yet again pretty soon. At the time I just had E and was horrified at the thought. Now I realized that A's no longer napping on the weekends because it's a PITA for the rest of us (and she "no like nap!")

Deep in the Heart said...

Two is plenty for us, too. Of course I have my sister's to smooch on, so that helps. I'm guessing if you have more kiddos you'd do less "extra" stuff. We're doing 2 different schools this year, too, but they're both all day programs so that makes it much easier.

Tomorrow I drop Rachel off at school, Jake off at Gran's, I work, pick up Jake, pick up Rachel, drop off Rachel at dance, drop off Jake at karate, pick up Rachel, go to open house. We'll be eating at school since that's all we'll have time for.

But nothing for the rest of the week. Ahhhh.

Sweet Pea Chef said...

Slacker, I can remember those days of judging moms, pre-kids or pre-2 kids. Ha! Napping in the driveway? Brilliant.

emstitt said...

I have NO idea how people do it with 3 kids, but 4 kids is beyond comprehension, not to mention 5!! What a busy day you are having....aren't you going to throw in some time to volunteer at school??? They've been sending out the signup sheet lately and I realized that I can't do everything and had to back down a little. Wish I could get a nanny to help me do more!! Ahhh...

Live.Love.Eat said...

Isn't a great PHEW that he loves it. That's how I have felt since Tristan has started kinder. It's so exciting.

I am done at 1 so i don't know how anyone does it with more than 2.

Steel Magnolia said...

Yes, 3 kids is really hard, but it is all hard isn't it? Luckily 2 of my 3 are the same age, so it makes it a 'little' easier. I never, ever feel that it all gets done and have learned to realize that that's OK...