Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Seeing things half full

We're midway through our visit of family in Virginia and Maryland, and so far it has been full of red (strawberry sauce, recipe to come tomorrow or Friday on

white (amazing orzo salad, on today's post):

and blue (crabs):

As soon as we arrived at the beach Monday, the rain arrived too. A little indoor putt-putt and other fun, and the boys were no worse for the wear. This morning we woke up to dense fog, but otherwise decent weather, so we headed to beach first thing:

While hoodies have covered our bathing suits, at least we don't need to use copious amounts of sunscreen. And goodness knows, sand is fun to play in, no matter *what* the weather:

So until the sun returns, our glass is at least half full...the weather isn't the greatest, but a day at the beach is a great day, no matter what.



Deep in the Heart said...

Amen to that. I'm on count down myself - 17 day for me.

The Mrs. said...

Yum! How cute are your boys!!