Tuesday, May 19, 2009

American Lettuce Wraps

A new trick we tried last week, that I just had to share.

You know how every other restaurant seems to have Asian Lettuce Wraps on its menu? Well, SPH created American Lettuce Wraps:

That's our favorite Not-so-Sloppy Joe's, Lettuce Wrap style. Pretty clever, eh?

We've been busy (who isn't??), R just finished up soccer:

which he *loved* playing, especially because we practiced at OSU, in the shadow of Ohio Stadium.

Meanwhile, be still my heart, as G has taken a shine to motorcycles:

I think I am in trouble in, say, 12-15 years or so.

No menu planning this week, as we are heading out soon to visit some East Coast family. R and G are giddy about flying on an airplane soon, so we'll be whipping up some Cloud Mix for the flight, and praying for safe and smooth travels.

Need some ideas for your upcoming Memorial Day weekend grilling? I am posting some really great recipes on FE.



Amer21 said...

Evan played soccer with Matt at a "Parent and Me" rec class this past winter. He loved it!! I wish they had another class he could take so he doesn't have to wait until he's older to play in the next level. I'm sure most kids really can't start playing sports until they're 4. T ball is next!!

kasandria said...

Those wraps look delish! Enjoyed reading your blog. Keep up the good work!