Monday, August 13, 2012

Back to School Countdown

I am working on some posts with 3 new non-sandwich lunch box original recipes.  I'll post them this week, but I need to fine tune a couple things before I do!  I've received some emails and messages about back-to-school lunches, so I'll be answering those questions too!

Until then, I have some news...

We're at one week and counting before school begins, so all the traditional back-to-school activities have begun; teacher assignments received in the mail, shopping for shoes, preparing for the PTO school supply sale and buy G a backpack. 

Oh, and one more non-traditional activity, we bought our first pets.

Want to guess what sort of pets we bought?

Would you like a hint?  How about two?

Their names are:  Captain Finny...

still no guess?

and Mr. Fish Fish.

Yes, we bought two fish.

G, and to a lesser extent, R, have been asking for a pet.  I went all-out and offered to buy some fish.

G wanted goldfish, R wanted a beta.  The fish store worker took one look at the 5 and 8 year old future fish caregivers and said, "how about some Danio fish?  They're really hearty." 

So, we have two new members of the Sweet Pea Family, happy in their kitchen aquarium.  I am hoping they'll understand the next time I cook seafood!

See that orange fish?  Introducing...Captain Finny.  Mr. Fish Fish was feeling shy.  Note to self:  taking pictures of fish is even harder than taking a family photo in which everyone is smiling...these fish move fast!

I call these fish "starter pets," when they aren't listening.  We'll see how R and G do caring for them and then move up the pet chain...

Life is sweet,

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